Service culture

Claymore offers a range of Investment Management services designed to assist our clients and joint venture partners to derive maximum benefit from their property assets. The principles underlying the provision of all our services are:

  • Working in partnership to develop trust in relationships
  • Reporting tailored to client needs
  • In-depth knowledge of markets and sectors
  • Excellent industry contacts, providing broad market access
  • Seeking value in acquisition
  • Working assets efficiently to drive value through the life-cycle of the property
  • Focusing on a select number of higher returning opportunities
  • An energetic, enthusiastic and professional approach to every project
  • Acquisitions

    Claymore represents or supports clients throughout the acquisition process, covering:

    • The identification of suitable properties, UK wide, individually or through programmes
    • The assembly and coordination of the acquisition team
    • Rigorous financial and market analysis
    • Thorough and critical due diligence
    • Leading to the preparation of a deliverable business plan
    • The arrangement of debt finance, if required
    • And oversight of the completion process.